Friday, January 31, 2020

List Comparing And Contrasting Benefits And Burdens Of Industrialization Essay Example for Free

List Comparing And Contrasting Benefits And Burdens Of Industrialization Essay Industrialization in the first place led to increased production, through the dynamic changes in modes of production whereby it replaced the human labor with machines. This enlarged the societies from agricultural to industrial based societies. However though beneficial these industries over time have impacted negatively on the environment as they lead to environmental pollution e. g. through their emissions of harmful oxides into the atmosphere. It led to the development of cities and towns thus contributing to rural urban migrations by people to seek jobs/ employment in the cities. This movement to towns resulted to urbanization. Since now that the industries used machines production improved and became faster. This in return impacted negatively as more items were produced in bulky, leading to reduction of their market prices, as explained by the theory of supply and demand, â€Å" the higher the supply the lower the demand† (Hamilton 1995) Industrialization also led to expansion of trade and businesses throughout the world by offering a medium of transportation i.  e. through the rail roads. Due to this there was need for construction of more railroads which then created employment to the members of the society. During these constructions there was heavy clearance of vegetation, trees and forests to create enough space for building the roads and raw materials manufacturing industries. This resulted to environmental degradation as trees were fallen and the soil left bare. To add on the it resulted to pollution from the trains using the roads. Industrialization brought about new technology of learning that is writing in books, thus establishing paper manufacturing industries. This contributed to knowledge and ideas acquisition however it is disadvantageous in that it led to clearance of many tree species for pulp resulting to deforestation and species extinction. Reference Wolfgang. S, Angela. D. ( 1995). Disenchanted Night: The Industrialization of Light in the Nineteenth Century. Published by University of California Press: San Diego

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