Saturday, March 14, 2020

Homer Wells Moral Progression essays

Homer Well's Moral Progression essays Homer Wells, the main character of the movie Cider House Rules, faces many moral dilemmas as his life progresses. Homer, who was an orphan at St. Claude's as a child, was taken under the wing by the head doctor at the orphanage, Dr. Wilbur Larch. Dr. Larch teaches Homer, instructing him to be a doctor, just like himself. As Homer becomes a full fledged physician at St. Claude's, he decides to not perform abortions. He thinks that each life is precious, just like his own, and is thankful that his mother decided to put him up for adoption instead of aborting him. As Homer leaves the orphanage and comes out into the world, he is needs to decide if his position on abortion is what is for the best. In the beginning, Homer is against abortion, but in the end, he will challenge his moral beliefs and perform what is asked of him. Homer is taught by Dr. Larch the method to perform abortions, but Homer decides that he will never perform it. Afterwards, a young lady, Candy Kendall, accompanied by her air force officer boyfriend, Wally Worthington, arrive at the orphanage, requesting for an abortion. Homer will not perform the abortion, because he believes that it is unethical, and is against his moral thinking. Homer declines the job, compelling Dr. Larch to perform it. During the abortion, Homer talks to Wally, convincing him that Candy will be in good hands, and in good health. After the procedure, Homer decides to leave the orphanage to experience life outside St. Claude's. He asks Wally for a lift in his automobile, and he obliges. Homer, having almost no money, is offered a job at an apple orchard owned by the Worthington family, and he graciously accepts it. He gets acquaint ed with the other orchard workers, especially Mr. Rose, and his daughter, Rose Rose. After a few months of working alongside with them, Homer discovers that Rose Rose is pregnant. After a confrontation with her, they learn that the father of the unborn baby is he...

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